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Sunday, May 20, 2012


We had the opportunity to go to a place called "Bomas"  which is a combination of villages built to show people the different life style of the most common tribes here in Kenya.
If you go at the right time 3:00-5:00 they have people in each village to tell you about their culture and food.  We went at 11:00 so we missed out but  plan to go back and have dinner and see some native dancing.

Two fun Masai Mara tribes men.  You can't take their picture without paying.
President Obama's father was from the  Luo Tribe  our people are from the Komba Tribe
Huts were made from mud, dung, and sticks with grass weavings for a roof.  Some tribes would decorate them.
Just had to show you the huge avocados here.  The only trouble is. . .they ripen all at the same time.
Just a few prices we are paying here in Nairobi
Diesel is $5.25 a gallon
American Cereal $10-12 Dollars a box when we can find it.
Tuna $2.75 a can
Mayonnaise  $6.50 a bottle
Butter $5.00 lb
Peanut butter $10.00 a bottle when you can find it. 
Elder and Sister Olsen heading  for the mission office. 
They put in many long hours.


The White's said...

O,I just love to see pictures of you and dad. It is funny that I miss you so much more by living at your house.
I'm exited for your June visitors!

Don Tucker said...

Great village shots. Is the Husbands Hut like the dog house.

Nice to see the Olsen's looking fit and happy.

Emilee Keyes said...

I need to attend a 4 music concerts this summer ~ can we go back to this place when I come to see you?