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Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 7-12, 2012

Casey's birthday was Monday Sure love ya son. 
We were happy to see Francis and Sarah’s new baby boy this Wednesday.   It seems like it took forever for this little one to get here.  I love baby visits.  Just holding them and looking at their faces, they have beautiful babies.  Bruce was surprised that Francis wanted him to choose a name for his son.  So after a few days he came up with Thomas after our prophet.  I took out some little boy clothes but I don’t think they will last long.  He was so big and healthy.
Francis now has three sons and five daughters.  Although he had a wife previous to Sarah, he and Sarah have been sealed in the temple and this is the first child to be born in the covenant in the Mitini Branch.
 We transported two missionaries into Nairobi and two new missionaries out to Kilunga Hills. They are courageous and we have a lot of respect for them. 

Elder Pocock with Elder Sarlo.  Elder Sarlo is from Farr West so I'm putting this on for his Momma.  I hear she is checking the blog!  Brother and Sister Sarlo he is a real keeper 
We now have two Idaho Spuds as Assistance at the KNM Mission office. Elder Raymond and Elder Pocock. Great Elders
With transfers came smiles and tears. 

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JoAnn Hall said...

Sharon, I just got called to be the 2nd counsler in the RS and in July I asked that we use the 5th Sunday and the first one that I teach to talk about humanitarian needs (projects, whatever is needed). I would love to have our ward to something for the people you are around everyday. Is there something we could make, or gather, or put together kits, or whatever is the need? I would love to do something that has meaning. Thanks for your help, I hope you guys are doing well. How was your Mothers Day? We saw Addy and Casey on Mothers Day and that was nice to see them. We sure love you both, have a great day!!