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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 3, 2011

We were able to go out this week to all of our Branches except Kilili. I always get my happy-fix when we visit the Hills. I just love it. Our lessons were well attended and had a good feeling. It felt so good to be with them. We really did miss them. Ilima had a visiting teaching workshop after our usual classes. They had such a nice program and even did a skit for me on prepared visiting teaching and unprepared visiting teaching. I loved it. This branch has a very committed Relief Society. They are always busy doing compassionate service. Sister Byrd’s sons brought material for Ilima when they came to Africa. Sister Elizabeth already has the sisters sewing and working on some clothing for the children in the branch.

On Saturday we had three sisters baptized and then we held our Youth Council Meeting.

Each branch came with 3 young women and 3 young men, their leaders and the Branch President. There was about 50 members. The youth conducted and made all of the decisions for Youth Conference and the up-coming Kick-Off parties that will be held the last week of December in each branch. At the kick-off party all youth will receive their own personal scriptures and a challenge to read the Book of Mormon before August 2012. They selected “A Light to the World” as their theme. They also chose their color for their Branch Flag. We also learned the song “Books of the Book of Mormon.” Oh of course we had refreshments; banana cake, bread and juice. It was just wonderful. I am just glowing inside as I write about it. I LOVE THE YOUTH. Bruce is lying on the couch still suffering with some back spasms from the kidney stones. We are praying that he will get healthy and free of these worries.

Mitini Branch Youth Council. We took them a copy of this picture a week later and they were very happy.
Aren't these ladies just beautiful?, Sister from Iilima Branch, showing some of the material sent to them from Utah. They are making clothing for the children
I love this picture. I want to enlarge it and put it on the wall. This is just such a good example of the children in "The Hills" They call these hats "Monkey-Face hats"
Sisters at Joni's Printing Shop in Nunguni the copier was very slow but the girls were sweet and very shy.


The White's said...

I love the size of the computer!!
ha ha

The White's said...

I need that little boy and the little hat too!!

Emilee Keyes said...

I would love that little boy - I need him to live with me! Adrienne already has two. Instead just give him a squeeze....I just remembered how expensive it is to maintain children.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! I look at it every week! And I am so grateful of how you take care of our boys out in the field! I am Elder Maxwell's Mom and he talks so fondly of you and your husband. I think he is scared of your husband just a little bit though ;) Don't tell him I told you! haha! Keep up the good work!