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Friday, December 30, 2011

December 15, 2011

Bruce and I have planned to have a “Family Day “with each branch. The youth are all home in December, so we thought that would be a great time. Our first “Family Day” at Ilima was a real learning experience. The families were divided into three groups and they rotated to each area: Simple family games, a Church Video (stressing the importance of strong families in Africa), and a Family History (youth assisted families in writing family memories). We were totally surprised with how many people came, (close to 300) We had planned too many activities for the 3 hour time period. Even with the help of the missionaries, the Branch President and his wife, it was huge job. The people were patient and seemed to enjoy it all. Refreshments are always a hit. Each person got a half loaf of bread and juice. We have 3 more branch Family Days, and we’ll be ready for large crowds.


The White's said...

Im so proud and happy. I love that you did a family day and that so many people came. Im glad you got to give each person so much bread! Do they usually get a half of loaf? The juice looked warm just like they like it. Is Dad starting to like warm drinks? ha ha

Aly said...

Such a great experience! I can't believe that at a Branch there were 300 people who attended. Even our Ward parties aren't that well attended! Families are so important, and I know that you both have a testimony of that. We love you and are so happy to be part of your family. ♥