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Monday, January 7, 2013

January 1, 2013

New Years Day was spent at Kilili for family visits.  The Olsens went with us and we visited John Kithange family and Johnfred Muindi family.  We shared a message with John’s family sitting under a large Mango tree.  Then they shared with us how they joined the church.  It was peaceful and beautiful.  When we went to Johnfred’s home we sang, had a prayer and then they shared with us what they like about being members of the church.  It was moving and sweet.  Both of these families have been sealed in the temple and both strong families.  We said our good-byes knowing that we would visit the branch on Sunday

Wednesday we said good-bye to our good people in Mitinit Branch.  We had a large gathering at the church where we sang, shared our testimonies and received loving gifts.  It was hard, sad, and yet sweet all rolled together.   Tuesday was another day of good-byes at Kyambeke Branch.  After visiting three families we returned to the chapel and had another hard, sweet, and sad  good-bye.  Again we were given gifts of love. Francis and his wife brought us a live chicken to take with us, a token of his love for us.  It pooped on the church floor a couple of times and then put in a plastic bag for us to take home in the back seat of the pick-up (it’s head was out of the bag, it squawked a lot).  Lucy made me some leggings and Bruce a monkey-face hat.  Bruce made everyone laugh a lot and it helped me not to cry.   Friday was our last day at Ilima.  We said our goodbyes after the priesthood class and one more family activity.   We also received another chicken from Brother January, woven baskets, and scarves.

Friday evening was our good-bye dinner at the Broadbent’s and it went well.  We didn’t cry and again Bruce had them laughing.

Wow it’s emotional to say good-bye but I guess because it was the last, Kilili Sunday, was the hardest for us.  After giving us each a gifts and a book they had written in, they all stood and sang this sweet song of good-bye and waved to you.  We were emotionally drained after this week.

We met with some of the missionaries we have worked with at the mission office today.  It has been so fun to see their growth and be able to work with them.   We bought them and the office elders’ pizza which really made them happy. The next three days we will get the keyboards ready to turn in to the mission office, pack our bags, clean out all the food in our cupboards and finish up those last minute items.   We are filled with mixed emotions but we are so thankful for the mission we have experiences and the opportunity to serve here in Kenya.  We wish there was another couple to replace us but there is no word of anyone coming yet.

We wil miss stopping at Peter Mueli's Shop on the way to Kilili for a chapati, best chapati's in Kenya
John Kithange family visit
Johnfred and Annestacia's family from Kilili

 "Mitini Good-Bye Party"
They put beautiful clips in my hair, a kanga for my waist and a woven basket for the market.
Bruce with the sisters
They knew it was cold in our home land so they gave us scarves.
Mitini farewell party.  They love juice and bread

Kyambeke family visits

Lucy made Bruce a monkey face hat and Puis made him a walking stick
Francis and his wife brought us a chicken
Wycliff is our good friend from Ilima
Took video rather than pictures so I didn't get a very good selection
Last day at Ilima Branch
Sunday another hard day saying goodbye to Kilili These sisters didn't know what to think of the hand sanitizer I gave them
Saying good by as we leave Kilungu Hills for the last time
A few Elders we have worked with that just happened to be in the office today.  We bought Pizza  


The Ballard's said...

I am so excited to see you and so sad that you have to leave these people. What a wonderful experience a mission is and most tender to your heart. We are so thankful for the blessings we have recieved because of your work. Thank you.

Aly said...

Oh wow! I am crying for you! So many amazing people with huge hearts. You have touched their lives and will be part of them forever. You have been and will be so blessed by our service. Love you!

Janet said...

I have so enjoyed your blog and the wonderful pictures you share. Thank you for your wonderful service to these sweet sweet people. I know my son will have bittersweet feelings when he leaves in 4 months too.

Makenna Hall said...

I have loved reading these sweet updates! You have blessed those amazing people and truly blessed us by sharing your experiences. Can't wait to see you.

Jill said...

I will miss you!! Thanks for your service!! My son will never forget the chocolate banana birthday cake!;)

Jill Hyde
MM to Elder Maxwell