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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17th 2012

Bruce was teaching a Temple Class lesson on Thursday at Kyambeke branch and the spirit was so strong I didn’t want him to stop for the next class.  I just love it when that happens.  The class was leaning forward with interests and asking some great question.  I have a testimony that we learn from the Spirit of the Holy Ghost but Bruce was definitely working with him that day.  He does a great job and he is very humble. 
I think I have mentioned it before but we are so pleased and excited with the response we get about from Family Class. So many of the members have never experienced a home where the parents are united and the father takes part in being with the family.
*It’s our turn for family night tonight.  I made chocolate snicker-bar cupcakes and we are serving ice cream (it’s more like a frozen custard).  We are playing a game between the Elders and the Sisters.  It should be fun.
*In our branches there are two leaving on missions in October and three getting their mission papers filled out.  Whoot Whoot!  We hope they get   their calls while we are here. 
*Casey and Alyson will be here Thursday SCREAMING EXCITED!!!
 Our Mission President is just a fun guy and so loved.
They love their sweet's (candy).

 They are happy and have these great big smiles for you that melts your heart
 These two would like to marry but because they were each married before their families will not accept it.
This young man just opened up a duka or shop by the side of the road.  He is an investigator of the church.


The White's said...

What a great post. I'm worried about the Teri love birds, I think you should go talk to their families and tell them to let them get married.
Those kids are cute, sneek one home for a visit at my house.
Casey and Alyson are almost on their way.I'm excited too, and I'm not even going.

Maddie said...

Reading your blog makes me miss it there so so much. I love seeing the pictures because I've been there and stood in some of those spots. Also everytime I read it I have the spirit with me because it was such and spiritual and humbling experience. I love you both very much and I miss you and Mama Africa very much!