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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th 2012

Last Monday we put together our first history book.  It was pretty exciting and by Thursday we had 11 completed.   We still have more to bind but we can only do it when it’s our Prep Days.  We are so happy and feel relieved.  Now we just have a lot of person histories to type us but they will continue to come in until the last of December. 

This week was Thanksgiving and Couples Mission Conference.  All the couples came in from their areas.  Some drove, others had to fly in.  Some came for five days others just three.  We enjoyed everyone so much and it was fun and inspiring.  Thursday we ate great food and Friday we met together for our meetings.   Those of us who live in Nairobi, tried to take others to fun places and do a little sightseeing on Wednesday and Saturday.  Three couples wanted to come with us to Kilungu Hills Sunday for church.  We were more than happy to show off our people as we visited the Kyambeke Branch.  By the time everyone left for home Sunday night, Bruce and I were really tired but it was an added sweet experience to our mission. 

 The collected history of Kilunga and Kilili Branches is finally copied and bound and ready to read.   I was almost as happy as delivering a new baby and Bruce was maybe more happy
 When it rains the termites come out full force.  The Kenyon's love to eat them live. This young man was collecting them at the church and he was just so pleased with his treasure.
Singing the KNM song with the Broadbents and the Assistants at our Couples Mission Conference.
Some of us visited the Kenya Nairobi Museum on Saturday.  It was wonderful ( smelled clean too)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 18th 2012

Ilima’s Primary Program was so great.  After the Primary President said her introduction the children ran the show.  All talks were memorized and the many songs were clear, loud, and led by different children.  They get nervous and start going fast but it was so enjoyable to watch and listen.  This year’s theme “Choose the Right” was such an important one for life.  These kids love primary and the gospel.  While the program was going on, the rain poured down outside and everyone was happy because it means the shambas will continue to grow.  By the time we started home the sun was out and the roads weren’t too bad.

This week we received a needed and appreciated text from a young man from Kyambeke branch.  He has been home from his mission to Uganda for 16 months and is serving as the Elders Quorum President (oh yes and he is in love but until he talks with her father it is a secret).  I want to share it on the blog so I will have it always.

“It was such a great day for us today priesthood class was awesome Matthew 25 has never been as live to us as it became today, family classes have become indispensable to us last week’s lesson was not only teaching us about forgiveness but it also served as a healer of our hearts. Today it was another great strength to our families. Thank you so much Onesmus” 

Our hearts were so full and encouraged.  Sometimes you are not sure you are making a difference.

Ilima Primay after their program.  The rain had finally cleared.

Bruce feeding the monkeys Saturday as we were on a morning walk at the Arboretum Park.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12th 2012

 It is Cowboy Dean’s birthday today.  We have been blessed with great son-in-laws that are just right for the girl/daughter they married.  We love all four of them.  Happy Birthday Dean, I’ll buy you some cold Chocolate Milk when we get home!

I keep saying the History is about finished but it really is, twenty four pages of history information and seventy-five pages of pictures.  We have had it edited and check and rechecked.  We have hit a snag because we need to combine the two (information with pictures).   Hopefully we can find someone to help us.  We have 163 personal histories all typed and in branch books so little by little we are bringing things to a close.  We don’t talk about coming home a lot even though we have seven weeks left.  Other couples say it is so bitter sweet and we can already feel that.  Classes are going really well and we appreciate their commitment to come each week.  Shamba’s/gardens are growing and we hope moderate rain will continue for them.  We sure love the saints and have a great respect for them.
This little girl is Purity, her sister Marcie is to the side.  You have probably seen her on our blog before.  Her mother made this doll for her and she loves it so much.  Her mother is confused in the head but is expecting her ninth baby very soon.  It is a sad situation.  Because she is the oldest girl, Purity is given so much work.  She doesn't get to go to school because there is no money for school fees.  When there is money the brother go. 
We have come to love the different types of trees and their great colors
This first tree is the closest thing to a pine tree in Utah.
These are the Kenya skys as the rain rolls in.  As we drive I just love to watch the clouds and how they change.  I hope I can remember how amazing they are.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 30th 2012

This weekend we went on another 2 ½ hour Saturday morning walk, worked on histories, went to Niavasha for Sunday and attended a Public Affair Banquet with Kenya dignitaries and Church representatives from South Africa.   It seems that our missionary experiences have such great contrasts.  Today, Tuesday we went visiting at Kilili, visiting 3 homes. The conditions were so meager; some were ill, one was blind and two with new born babies.  There has been some church relief food but there is no rain relief in sight for their shamba’s/gardens.  We shared the 13 Articles of Faith Card with them and Brother John helped with some translation.   We left to return to Nairobi feeling helpless and sad.  President Broadbent told us we were not here to overcome poverty but to strengthen them with the gospel, but as we drove into the nice apartment compound in Nairobi I just felt selfish.   We have been without electricity for two days now and we think we have it hard.   
Tonight another couple is headed for home.  We will have a dinner at the Broadbent’s before they leave for the airport tonight at 9:00. 
The apartment compound we live in at Nairobi
Looking out our back window

After a three hour drive to Kilili, you see a real extreme comparison in life-style
The long basket hanging from the tree is the kitchen cupboard and on the right side is a new goat barn

First child born to this mother and she has little food and asked for a hat (called monkey face hat)for the baby.  I got her two.
 An older sister who is having trouble breathing. Her daughter has no money to go to the dispensary. She showed me a large sore in her mouth. I'm sure she needs her tooth pulled out. 
Very young mother with her mother-in-law and new baby.  The mother in-law delivered the baby in their hut.